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Hi Sonya! I am soooo glad to have finally made it to Alaska!! I am loving it thus far!! The scenery is gorgeous, weather brisk and a nice change, natives friendly, food good. Everything has gone smoothly for us .

We are jazzed with our spacious mini suite upgrade, drink and wifi packages, and dinner coupon to Bistro sur La Mer. Thank you very much. We are happy happy happy 😃 to be reunited with some of our long lost Regal family, the Hamadas and Takahashis.

The ship is about 1/4 full, 1600 passengers, so our waiter told us at breakfast. It�s weird but kinda nice in a way to not have to fight crowds. Food selection is a bit limited, but we can understand why.

Kathy Lum
— Honolulu

The cruise last week to Alaska was fantastic! The weather was unusually good which made the glacier viewing spectacular. And the Norwegian Encore was better than the Norwegian Joy, in our opinion! For anyone considering a cruise before the cruise lines ramp up capacity, now is the time! Our ship was at 50% capacity, so no lines and stellar service.

Patricia Yee
— Honolulu, HI

The Lee's have returned from a wonderful cruise including our pre- and post- stays. We're back physically, but our body clocks have not adjusted back to normal.....sure gets harder as we age.

Thank you for all your assistance having the Pocket Travel and Axus Apps were really helpful with reminders, especially our flights. Oceania did a good job with their covid safety protocols --- antigen testings, masking and hand-sanitizing. We were told the ship only had 500 passengers, and before our cruise, it was only 300. In a way it was really nice in that we had all the attention from the staff. At the Terrace Grill, staff continuously offered to carry our plates to our tables; what a nice gesture. Next time, it may be harder to find a table. And, finding a seat on the excursion buses was easy. It may have also been good for the guides, since they didn't have to keep track of that many people.

The day before our departure, Intercontinental Lisbon brought in a nurse to the hotel who provided PCR tests to us and others from the cruise, with the results emailed to us that midnight.

Again, many many thanks for your help !
P.S. It was refreshing not having to wear masks in Norway and Sweden.

Jeff & Margie Lee
— Honolulu, HI

Aloha Sonya,
Maintain that positive attitude and stay negative for Coronavirus. We are grateful to be at home during this pandemic. My friend was deployed to NYC in March, then sent to SanDiego and Great Lakes (Chicago). What an adventure!
We stay home except for trips to the grocery store and Costco. I believe that you are correct, the virus will be around for at least another year. If we�re still masked up in October 2021, we may need your help in postponing our Viking cruise, but we�ll wait and see.
All of the best to you and Ray. Let us know if we can be of help to you.

Helen Yurong
— Honolulu, Hawaii

Hi Nicole and Shufen, Got back last night from the Best of Britain CIE Tour. It was such a fabulous tour. So much to see and do but not enough time so I have to go back again. Harry Gray, our CIE Tour Director, was the greatest. He gave us so much information and history and also allowed us shopping time and time to wander around the towns on our own. I just loved his British humor. In fact, all of the guides had such wonderful dry humor. The only down side was doing the bus tours, I wasn�t able to get good photos of a lot of the sights we visited. The weather was wonderful and it only drizzled the last day in London and rained hard on the day we left.

Lynette Frazier
— Honolulu

Aloha Mike,
You cannot imagine how often your name came up on our travels. It was always "he's done it again" or "he knocked out of the park" or "he's amazing". Everything you did for us was beyond belief. The hotels were magical. The connections were perfect. If ever there were a reason to believe in travel agents you are it. My sincere gratitude for a trip that could never have been were it not for you.

As for the Orient Express, it was unbelievable. Such attention to detail and luxury. The new movie was not actually filmed on the train. They told us how it was reproduced in a studio with outdoor vistas, etc. However the movie made with David Suchet as part of his Hercule Poriot series was done entirely on the train. And there you will see just what we experienced. The corridors are very narrow, the compartments tight, the trek to the toilettes a bit inconvenient and the 1920 train cars have a bit more motion than those of today (I gave up on mascara). But I would do it again in a heartbeat. Champagne and lobster for breakfast is wild. And so is there special cocktail the "Guilty 12".

We have memories to last a lifetime. Thank you!

Dianne Dyer
— Hilo, Hawaii

Aloha Shufen & Jennifer
Hope you are feeling better. My mom and I just wanted to say thank you for making all the arrangements for our Hokkaido cruise a successful one. The wheelchair porter at the airport was such a huge help in transporting my mother on and off the plane in Japan as well as on our return flight off into HNL airport. The hotel you booked at Yokohama perfect location looking onto the bay and nearby amusement park. The Diamond Princess staff service overall was very exceptional and the shore excursion guides were very attentive to the members in our group (ie. Toilet breaks and keeping our group together). Hokkaido was very breathtaking in the fall and we thoroughly enjoyed the delicious fresh seafood!!!! Many thanks again!!!!
Much appreciation, Patricia and mom

Patricia Yago
— Honolulu, Hawaii

Just a quick note to let you know we all returned safe and sound and with an experience of a lifetime on the beautiful Rhine. Our fun and camaraderie was only made possible because of Harolyn and her skill and responsibility!! We were so lucky to have her escort us through the Rhine countries. Thank you both for all your help. I�m looking forward to the next opportunity for travel for me.

Jolene Kim on AMA Rhine River Cruise
— Honolulu, Hawaii

Both my husband and I love traveling with Regal Travel escorted tours. We recently completed a trip with Ray and Sonya to Portugal and Spain. The Miyashiros kept tabs on us and when we encountered some problems on tours we had signed up for, took immediate action to get us compensation for a delayed tour. They also rearranged speciality dinner reservations for some of the group members.

We recently returned from a Danube Christmas Market river cruise on AMA. Sonya highly encouraged us to go to the night Christmas Market which I was not to excited about. Well, based on her encouragement I went. It was one of the highlights of the trip. I am so grateful that I went. Seeing the Christmas Markets at night was awesome. Thank you Sonya for some great memories.

Bev & Leslie Hamada
— Honolulu, HI

We had a fantastic trip. Stayed at the Best Western at Incheon and Asiana also provided a meal. We were impressed with Viking. They were very efficient, the tour escort did a excellent job and the food on the ship was great. We also enjoyed all the Chinese meals at the different restaurants and the hotels were beautiful. We got to see so much of China on the tours and the cruise was nice. Everything went very well.

Jean and Greg Scanlan
— Honolulu, HI

We love traveling with the Regal group! We have made so many friends through our Regal travels as a result of Ray and Sonya creating an inclusive environment. Regal lives up to my favorite saying: It's not where you travel but who you travel with!"

Melanie & Hide Takahashi
— Honolulu, HI

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