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06/15/2024 - 10/24/2024

Escorted by Regal Host

Tailor made tour with sightseeing, hands on experience, shopping and onsen at Beppu

Join us on this unique and exclusive private journey of Shikoku Japan.  Shikoku is the smallest and least populated of the four major islands in Japan.  Much of the inland area is impenetrable; steep-sided, densely forested mountains soar skywards, their base disappearing into bottomless ravines, whilst white-water rivers twist and turn along the valley floor. Amidst this you will find hamlets of old farmhouses, vine bridges and ancient temples. 

Enjoy Regal's tailor made tour that includes sightseeing, hands on experience, shopping and onsen at world famous Beppu Resort.

Feature:  Shikoku - Awaji Island, Takamatsu, Kochi, Beppuy, Fukuoka, Hakata

Tour highlights:

  • Takosenbei no Sato (senbei place)
  • Awaji Monkey Center
  • Goshiki Beach (known for its 5 colored rock sand)
  • Indigo dyeing experience 
  • Udon-making experience 
  • Kutso bune making 
  • Washi paper-making experience  
  • Imabari Towel Museum  
  • Sweet-making at Momoco 
  • Rope-braiding at Shichitoui 
  • Strawberry picking 
  • TOTO Museum  (toilets!!!)

from $4,250pp

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