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12-Days Splendor Egypt & The Nile Cruise Tour

05/09/2020 - 05/19/2020

Escorted by Sonya Miyashiro

Experience Egypt and the Nile's most wonderful sites in style and luxury on the brand new ship!

For 12 adventure-filled days, experience Egypt and the Nile’s most wondrous sites in style and luxury. Set sail on an eight-day voyage onboard the S.S. Sphinx, the new super ship debuting on the Nile in 2020. Wander amongst the towering ruins of the Temple of Karnak, the world’s largest ancient religious complex, and the entrancing Temple of Luxor. Visit temples dedicated to Hathor, Horus, and other mythological figures, and pay homage to the country’s first female ruler at the Temple of Hatshep-sut. Follow in the footsteps of renowned scholars and explorers as you venture forth into the Valley of the Kings, the ancient buri-al grounds of Egyptian royalty. You will enjoy an exhilarating ride in a felucca, a traditional Nile River sailboat.

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